2014: Mind Right. Body Right.

“Sometimes all you need is a slight shift in perspective to bring things into Focus.”
– Ashley Robinson
happy-new-year2014Wow, 2013 came and went quickly. And although I’m a little behind, I wanted to still take a moment to gather my thoughts and set some goals for 2014.

This time last year my life had changed dramatically and I didn’t know what was in store for me or my future. Despite the odds against me (mainly my own self-doubt) I made it through the year and was blessed to come out on top; not only ending the year happy but with even more than I could have ever imagined. With all of the good (and the bad) I can say that I experienced phenomenal growth in 2013 and I’m looking forward to an even better 2014.

My focus for this year is significantly different than it has been in the past, which I’m sure can be attributed to the changes I’ve seen in myself over the last year. In the past, I measured my success and happiness primarily by the significant gains in my finances. However, I’ve slowly discovered that there is so much more to life than money – regardless of how much stability you may THINK it brings. I now see just how much LOSS I suffered in my health and other areas of my life because of the work-a-holic tunnel vision that I had developed – or as I like to call it “SuperWoman Syndrome”. Now that’s not to say that I’m not still a driven business woman, but what I am saying is that I’ve learned take the time that I want and need for myself and the things that I like to do. I even have a sleep-life now…and while it might not be the recommended 7.5-8 hours/night, every night, it’s still a heck of a lot better than I was doing previously. In short, I’ve gained a better appreciation for my time and my energy. In return for what I’ve given myself and my body, I’ve gain back four times over.

With my new focus and new-found purpose in life, my goals this year are more health and fitness related. I will be working towards a more peaceful mind, a healthier lifestyle and an even better body! So my mantra for 2014 is: Mind Right. Body Right. Part of this entails continuing on the goals (turned habits) that I set for myself last year. These things were such an important factor in my personal transformation last year, that I know it is essential to continue with them so that I can continue to evolve.

And as I focus on my mind and my body this year, I really want to use part of that time to reflect on my past and better prepare myself for the future. I realize that I am so much:

  • A maturing woman
  • A dedicated girlfriend
  • A focused grad student (maintaining a 4.0 I might add!)
  • A hardworking freelancer
  • A thriving pole artist/competitor

I want to continue to grow and be better in each of these aspects of my life; to be the very best that I can be!

My body is also a big deal for me right now. My stomach is getting flatter, my thighs are getting smaller, my muscles are getting stronger and I’m letting my natural features and beauty take control. The last few years of my body transformation are really starting to show and I feel like I’m finally getting close to the beautiful body I see in my head. And what’s most fascinating is that the better it gets the more I want to work on it – which my trainer predicted when we started on this amazing journey. So I want to focus on getting my body in the best shape it can be. This starts with eliminating the last few layers of fat, getting stronger and toning so that my muscles can shine through.

I also want to take my fitness a step further. More than working out and making my body the best it can be, I also want to become more knowledgeable about health and fitness in general. I’ve already invested in several books to help me get started and I’m looking forward to doing some additional training and certifications in both fitness and pole.

smart goal setting conceptSo to be “SMART” with my goals for 2014, I will summarize them by saying I would like to complete the following by December 31st:

  • Finish Grad School
  • Figure out what I want to study/specialize in for my Ph.D. (and where I want to apply)
  • See my abs for the first time
  • Get my nails to a healthier state
  • Vacation in Vegas
  • Earn at least one new pole/fitness certification
  • Tryout for at least 3 pole competitions. (And hopefully get selected to compete in at least 1!)
  • Read 2 books a month. Or a minimum of 24 books by December 31st