Xtreme Flex

Xtreme Flex

We’ll be getting eXtremely Flexy in this NEW all-levels flexibility class! Xtreme Flex is your go-to class for all-things stretchy, flexy and contortiony! Whether you are already super flexible or just getting started on your flexibility journey, we’ll take your flexibility to the next level and help you become stronger and more balanced along the way. Bring a buddy or make a friend in class because we’ll be using a combination of individual and partnered stretching, paired with various apparatuses, to push our bodies to the limit. We’ll be hitting all of your favorite spots: splits, hips, back, shoulders, chest, hand/arm balances and much more!

Proper Attire: Form-fitted leggings or tights, leg warmers and layers on top.

All Levels

1 hr Weekly Class
$25, advanced Registration required
Register for class at

Xtreme Stretch


I’m super thrilled to share my newest weekly class with you!! We’ll be getting eXtremely Flexy in this NEW all-levels flexibility class! Xtreme Flex is your go-to class for all-things stretchy, flexy and contortiony! Whether you are already super flexible or just getting started on your flexibility journey, we’ll take your flexibility to the next level and help you become stronger and more balanced along the way. Bring a buddy or make a friend in class because we’ll be using a combination of individual and partnered stretching, paired with various apparatuses, to push our bodies to the limit. We’ll be hitting all of your favorite spots: splits, hips, back, shoulders, chest, hand/arm balances and much more! Aches, pains, stress, lack of flexibility, desire for more flexibility, obsession with extreme flexibility or maybe you just want have a good ole time…no matter what your mind and body needs, I got you.

Be sure to join me each week at Zensual Dance to work on your flexibility goals.

2014: Mind Right. Body Right.

“Sometimes all you need is a slight shift in perspective to bring things into Focus.”
– Ashley Robinson
happy-new-year2014Wow, 2013 came and went quickly. And although I’m a little behind, I wanted to still take a moment to gather my thoughts and set some goals for 2014.

This time last year my life had changed dramatically and I didn’t know what was in store for me or my future. Despite the odds against me (mainly my own self-doubt) I made it through the year and was blessed to come out on top; not only ending the year happy but with even more than I could have ever imagined. With all of the good (and the bad) I can say that I experienced phenomenal growth in 2013 and I’m looking forward to an even better 2014.

My focus for this year is significantly different than it has been in the past, which I’m sure can be attributed to the changes I’ve seen in myself over the last year. In the past, I measured my success and happiness primarily by the significant gains in my finances. However, I’ve slowly discovered that there is so much more to life than money – regardless of how much stability you may THINK it brings. I now see just how much LOSS I suffered in my health and other areas of my life because of the work-a-holic tunnel vision that I had developed – or as I like to call it “SuperWoman Syndrome”. Now that’s not to say that I’m not still a driven business woman, but what I am saying is that I’ve learned take the time that I want and need for myself and the things that I like to do. I even have a sleep-life now…and while it might not be the recommended 7.5-8 hours/night, every night, it’s still a heck of a lot better than I was doing previously. In short, I’ve gained a better appreciation for my time and my energy. In return for what I’ve given myself and my body, I’ve gain back four times over.

With my new focus and new-found purpose in life, my goals this year are more health and fitness related. I will be working towards a more peaceful mind, a healthier lifestyle and an even better body! So my mantra for 2014 is: Mind Right. Body Right. Part of this entails continuing on the goals (turned habits) that I set for myself last year. These things were such an important factor in my personal transformation last year, that I know it is essential to continue with them so that I can continue to evolve.

And as I focus on my mind and my body this year, I really want to use part of that time to reflect on my past and better prepare myself for the future. I realize that I am so much:

  • A maturing woman
  • A dedicated girlfriend
  • A focused grad student (maintaining a 4.0 I might add!)
  • A hardworking freelancer
  • A thriving pole artist/competitor

I want to continue to grow and be better in each of these aspects of my life; to be the very best that I can be!

My body is also a big deal for me right now. My stomach is getting flatter, my thighs are getting smaller, my muscles are getting stronger and I’m letting my natural features and beauty take control. The last few years of my body transformation are really starting to show and I feel like I’m finally getting close to the beautiful body I see in my head. And what’s most fascinating is that the better it gets the more I want to work on it – which my trainer predicted when we started on this amazing journey. So I want to focus on getting my body in the best shape it can be. This starts with eliminating the last few layers of fat, getting stronger and toning so that my muscles can shine through.

I also want to take my fitness a step further. More than working out and making my body the best it can be, I also want to become more knowledgeable about health and fitness in general. I’ve already invested in several books to help me get started and I’m looking forward to doing some additional training and certifications in both fitness and pole.

smart goal setting conceptSo to be “SMART” with my goals for 2014, I will summarize them by saying I would like to complete the following by December 31st:

  • Finish Grad School
  • Figure out what I want to study/specialize in for my Ph.D. (and where I want to apply)
  • See my abs for the first time
  • Get my nails to a healthier state
  • Vacation in Vegas
  • Earn at least one new pole/fitness certification
  • Tryout for at least 3 pole competitions. (And hopefully get selected to compete in at least 1!)
  • Read 2 books a month. Or a minimum of 24 books by December 31st

Competitor Resources

Competitions open to Texas Residents

Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma – Oklahoma
Tryout videos due: January 12, 2014 ($35)
Competition: March 28, 2014

Capital of Texas Pole and Aerial Competition – Austin
Tryout videos due: February 23, 2014
Competition: May 2-3, 2014

Southern Pole Championship (Pole Sport Organization) – Atlanta, GA
Registration due: May 7, 2014
Competition: June 7-8, 2014

North American Pole Dance Championship (Midwest Pole Competition) – Chicago, IL
Tryout videos due: May 25, 2014 ($55)
Competition: August 15-17, 2014

Pole Classic (Pole Expo) – Las Vegas, NV
Tryout videos due: June 14, 2014 ($39)
Competition: September 4th – 7th, 2014

Miss Texas Pole Star – Dallas, TX
Tryout videos due: TBA
Competition: October 10-11, 2014

Real Talk: Competition Pole


getyourmindrightLately I’ve noticed that many of my fellow pole sisters are making their decision to (or not to) compete based on who else may be trying out and competing. Please do not fall victim to this way of thinking. This is absolutely the WRONG way to make your decision and really shouldn’t be a part of your reasoning in any way, shape or form.

I can only think that part of it has to do with our focus going into the competition process. We can get so wrapped in the FEAR of who we’re going up against, overly-critical of our own ABILITY or too focused on that coveted WIN. But at the end of the day none of those things really matter. Your decision to compete should be based on YOU and only YOU. Competitions are simply a personal tool, a way to push yourself to a new level, test your growth and show off the hard work that you’ve been putting in…so use it as such. Your goal should be to focus on doing you and being the best that you can be. Don’t fear the ability of your fellow pole sisters (or pole brothers), instead appreciate and respect their handwork and achievements, while also recognizing and appreciating your own. And when it comes to winning, let that be an added benefit IF IT’S YOUR TIME, if not your time then it’s not your time…but trust that one day your time will come. Think back to 2010, Crystal Belcher didn’t win MTPS her first year…but 2 years later after a lot of hard work and growth, she was crowned the 2012 MTPS Ultimate Winner!

So many of us go in with one thing on our mind…that WIN. Yea, winning is great and all, but in reality those 3-4 minutes on stage are just a very small part of the total competition experience. What you are really gaining out of the competition experience is the growth that you achieve in your poling, the personal development of pushing yourself past your limits physically and mentally, as well as the backstage camaraderie and relationships that you’re able to build with your fellow pole sisters and brothers.

So you’re still thinking about competing and now you’re starting to get focused on the right things, so keep reading!



mtpsstageIf you’re thinking about trying out but still not 100% committed and having some doubts then take Nike’s advice: JUST DO IT! Seriously, why not? You’ve got noting to lose. Not sure if you’ll make it to the finals? That’s OK, not all of us do…I didn’t make MTPS last year. And keep in mind that tryout videos and applications are private. Go to your instructor and let them know you’re interested in competing and want help putting together a routine and a tryout video. You can always submit secretly and keep it to yourself until you find out if this was your year to make the cut. And keep in mind that not making it isn’t the worst thing that can happen, but not trying out and living in fear of the “what if” is. Plus, there will always be competition in life, at work, everywhere…regardless of who it is and what you’re doing.

Linda Spraggins, Co-Owner of Miss Texas Pole Star, said: “There’s nobody that’s won anything that hasn’t tried out or entered FIRST.” This is SO TRUE! There are no handouts and with any contest, they all require a little initial effort. Whether you have to call in, get in line, fill out a form, etc…heck even with the lottery: you have to go buy a ticket! Linda does go on to remind us, that it is about more than just the win. “We can’t let that [Win] be our only focus,” she says. “I hope that our competition helps people recognize and fulfill other goals.”

And Linda is right, we should use MTPS and other competitions to find, set and achieve some personal goals. Maybe you’ve always had a problem with public speaking or being the center of attention and your goal is to be more calm, cool, collected and comfortable in your skin. Or maybe you’ve only danced in class or have never done a full choreographed performance before, and you’re determined to create a routine and do it on stage. Whatever your personal hurdle is, turn it into a personal challenge that you can overcome.



So you’ve made the decision to compete but you’re a little unsure about which category to apply for. (I’ve noticed that this more so affects those considering the Amateur and Fitness levels.) We’ll start by asking yourself: Have I MASTERED the required tricks and elements in the category that you considering? If no then that might not be the category for you. When you go into a competition you want to do a routine (and tricks) that show off your very best. Knowing how to do a trick is not the same as doing a trick, and doing a trick is not the same as executing a trick effortlessly and with precision.

The Miss Texas Pole Star staff has done a great job this year with defining the focus of each category, really leveling the playing field a little bit and really making this a great year to be an amateur. They’ve made it a point for the amateur division contestants to really focus on pole foundations and performance fundamentals – this means making dance, clean spins, emotion and personal style your main focus. As amateurs this is your time to work on the foundations that make the difference when you get into the higher levels. Just think, if you are able to build a solid and interesting routine around your pole foundation, just imagine what you’ll be able to do when you get to the Ultimate and Pro levels and you can throw a Fonji or Rainbow Marchenko in there.

I hear this question a lot: there is no inverting allowed in Amateur division this year? Does this meant that because I can invert that I shouldn’t do the Amateur division? Not at all; you have to look at the bigger picture. Yes, you can invert but is it clean or is there a bit of struggle with it? After you invert are you able to seamlessly transition into another trick? If you answered no to one of both of these questions then you should definitely NOT base your category decision on the fact that you can invert. Yea, so maybe you can do a “hard” trick, but how easily can you transition into and out of that trick? Is it fluid and seamless? And more importantly, how long are you able to hold that trick (without struggle) and with proper lines, perfect technique and the right emotion conveyed on your face? While you may want to do invert or do other “Cool” tricks you should place yourself in a category where you can perform at your best while respecting your level and your body.

Feeling doubtful about the ability to create a beautiful routine using only spins and emotion? Watch this special performance by Aerial Amy at the Canadian Pole Dance & Artistry Showcase in Toronto. Note that there are no inverts, yet she still makes a stunning and compelling performance with her emotion and her ability to tell story with her movement.

Then on the other end of the spectrum you have those that have never done a competition, but have been poling for a while or have been able to catch on very quickly and have moved more towards and advanced level. In this case you should go ahead and tryout for the fitness level (or above). Just because you are new to the competitive pole arena doesn’t mean that you have to start out a level below your proper placement – maybe you have a dance, gymnastics or fitness background that gives you an edge and will ultimately play a factor in your placement.

Take this opportunity to evaluate your abilities and the requirements for each category. Then set a goal and align that goal with the requirements of the competition as well as your personal desire. If there’s something you’re not sure about talk to one of your instructors or any of your fellow polers that have been in the competition game for a while. They are all full of helpful information and will be able to point you in the right direction.

At the end of the day keep in mind that all of us have has to start someplace. You can’t leave pole class and go win MTPS, USPDF or any other competition. There is a process of growth, development and experience that goes along with it. You must embrace and learn to grow as an athlete and as a person.

Pole Progress

Pole Progress

You may not realize it, but tracking your pole journey is ultimate key in your development and success. If you haven’t been keeping track of your progress then this is something that I highly suggest you start doing. It’s hard to know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Now I know that for some of us this [looking at ourselves] can be hard, but this practice is the only thing that is going to truly help us get better. Yes, this means that we must face the good the bad and the ugly! Too many times we tend to analyze our bodies and our flaws, so When you are evaluating yourself PLEASE try to focus on the execution of your tricks, the fluidity of your movement and your expression of emotion. However, do keep in mind that if there is something about you that you don’t like you CAN improve it. Again, there’s nothing wrong with you but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to make yourself the best that you can be.

Tracking your pole journey should be something that you do from day one, but if you haven’t been then that’s Okay because it’s never to late to start. You can track your progress by photo, video or pole diary – I suggest a combination of all three. Pictures are a great way to capture those milestones and are super easy to share! Video allows you to see review from start to finish and you can evaluate the full execution of your tricks (entrance into, holding, and exit/transition out of). A written journal provides a great way to set and track goals.

polejoural3Since my start in pole I’ve had a few different note books and apps on my iPhone that I’ve taken notes in, yet nothing that was a comfortable fit for my pole needs. So naturally I was thrilled when I came across the LiveItUp journal designed especially for pole dancers. These journals are simply amazing! Maggie didn’t miss a beat when creating them. The embossed cover is simple yet gorgeous and the pages are durable stock with ample area to record your notes. Oh…and it didn’t hurt that the interior pages were pink (my favorite color!) What I love about this journal is that it breaks our journey into key sections: goals, video, music and practice log. Here’s what each section entails:


Section 1 – Goals: Evaluate your progress and set short and long term goals for the future here. Then create a plan of action to acheive your goals.

Section 2 – Music: Take note of all the songs that make you boogie! Jot down own mood and performance ideas for each tune.

Section 3 – Video: This section is designed to log your YouTube uploads. Don’t post videos? No problem, use it to take notes on videos you watch.

Section 4 – Practice Log: The largest section provides a place to log your pole practices. Fill in your own dates means this journal is equally perfect for the daily pole addict as well as the weekend pole warrior. The seperate Stretch and Flex area ensures you stretch after every practice.

Want to add this journal to your pole bag? Contact me for ordering details!


May Pole Blog Hop

May Pole Blog Hop

I decided to join in on this month’s Pole Dance Blogger’s Blog Hop which is centered around a whole bunch of questions that we’re all answering. It is great to see the camaraderie throughout the pole community and I welcome any opportunity for us to share, connect and unite. My responses below share insight on my pole journey!

1. How long have you been pole dancing?
I’ve been pole dancing on and off (around broken feet and surgeries) since 2010.

2. What’s your favorite song to pole dance to?
Man that’s a hard one…I don’t think I have a favorite song to dance to. I am a serious music lover. I listen to all types of music all day, everyday. When it comes to dancing, I think I go through phases where a certain song will speak to me and I just have to dance it out. I guess currently that song for me would be Afraid by Sarah Fimm. My FreeStyle Friday playlist on Spotify has many of go-to pole songs.

3. What’s your favorite pole dance move?
I absolutely love Kandy Kanes (some people call them body spirals, corkscrews, reverse grabs). Flying through the air is the best rush and there is so much power behind this trick. I enjoy coming up with different leg variations and combos stemming from the kandy kane. This is the current Kandy Kane combo that I’m working on:

4. What pole move is your nemesis?
ironxMy pole move nemesis would definitely have to be the Dead-lift to Iron X. There is something about the dead-lift that I just can’t wrap my mind around. Even with my recent weight loss, strength increase and improvement on the pole I still can’t get it. I think that this move is so powerful yet graceful…I want this trick bad! Currently I’m doing a lot of core training with my trainer and working on holding my Iron X and also on pulling back up to the pole after holding my iron x. One day (soon) I hope to fully master the dead-lift part – from the floor and in the air.

5. If you have to classify your dance style, what would it be?
My style is POWER SEXY. There is power and strength behind my intoxicating flow that captivates oozes sex appeal with my every move. While I can confidently say this now, I actually struggled with this for a while in the past and I think a lot of it had to do with my size. Being over weight automatically puts you in a category of what you can and can’t be. It not only affects the way that you are perceived by others but also the way the way that you perceive yourself. I never saw myself as sexy…didn’t think that I could be sexy, so I would always say that I was more about Fitness on the pole. I even tried to take on more of a gymnast role on the pole but only because I felt like that was the only avenue that I could make work. Only in the last few months have I discovered what my style is and now I’m working to develop that style.

6. What inspires your movement? Why do you dance?
Freedom inspires my movement. I dance because it is limitless and freeing. In a world full of good and bad, right and wrong, and so much that we can’t control, dance is the antithesis for me. Everything is good, anything is right and I control it all…but I can also let go and just let my body take control.

7. Do you study/participate in any other kinds of dancing or other kinds of training?
Absolutely! My regular routine includes weight training with my trainer, plenty of cardio, stretch and flexibility class and aerial yoga.

8. How often do you train, dance or attend class per week?
Everyday…now I might not be on the pole every single day but I do make sure that I am doing some type of activity or exercise on a daily basis. Some days are gym days, some days are studio days. My goal is just to keep moving. But I do give my body rest when it needs it.

9. Any tips for training?
Respect your body and respect your level. You need to give your body TLC, this includes feeding your body the proper foods, getting adequate rest, and incorporating training in your areas of weakness.

10. Do you train on both sides when you pole? Why or why not?
Sadly I don’t do this as much as I should. Working my left side was something that was mentioned when I first started poling but it wasn’t really taught or enforced. Training my weak side is almost like starting over in my pole work, it can be frustrating and discouraging at times (knowing that if I just do it on my right side I can get it done and it will look great) but I am working to get my left side on an equal playing field with my right side.

11. If you’re not a full time poler, how do you balance work and pole? Friends and pole? Life and Pole?
I am a natural busy-body, multi-tasker and I don’t sleep as much as I should so I do fairly well with balancing my work and pole. Also, I try to combine my work, extra curricular activities and areas of interest whenever I can. More closely aligning my work and pole life has made both easier and a lot more enjoyable. Much of my photography, web design, community management, writing and design work now coincides with various pole publications and studios. I do a lot of networking and making friends with those in the pole community. I’m also lucky to have a boyfriend that supports and participates in my pole journey.

12. Is pole dancing, which happens to be a hobby for most, worth the investment?
YES! Discovering pole dancing was turning point for me. Most importantly it has helped put me back on track with my weight and health, but I’ve also been able to boost my confidence, push past mental and physical limitations and discover a new purpose and career opportunities.

13. Why did you start a pole dance blog?
I’m a writer…I’ve been writing since I learned how to write my ABC’s. It is the easiest and most fulfilling way for me to express myself. I felt like I needed an outlet to share my thoughts and experiences. Journals are great and all, but keeping everything to myself doesn’t benefit anyone. By sharing publicly I am hope to encourage and support others that are on this same journey (or are wanting to start). I also focusing myself to face my reality, my past and allow myself to grow and push past all else. I want to use my knowledge, experience and wisdom to help others and do my part to mentor those in need. I waited too long to get myself back on track and take control of my life. I want to help others make that change for the positive sooner rather than later. This is my way of giving back.

14. What does your pole dance blog mainly focus on?
My blog focuses on health and fitness – both on and off of the pole. I use my site as a way to document my journey. I hope that sharing my experience and insight will help others on their journey.

15. What’s your favorite post on your pole dance blog?
My favorite post on my blog is part one of my Priceless transformation. This transformation of my mind and body has made it possible for me to be successful in my pole career and is the main reason for me starting this site.

16. What’s your favorite non-pole blog?
My favorite non-pole blog is

17. What is your favorite dance studio? (If you teach or own a studio, please list one other than where you teach.)
I don’t have a favorite dance studio. I am a studio hopper! I take classes at ALL of the studios in DFW. I enjoy moving around. By stepping out and away from the “bubble” that comes with having only one studio, I’m’ able to meet a lot of new people, learn so much more and support everyone in my pole community.

18. If you teach, why did you start teaching, and how did it change your practice? If you don’t teach, do you think you’d ever want to teach? Why or why not?
photo-1While I am XPert Certified, I do not currently teach. I do enjoy helping my fellow pole sisters during class but I’m not quite ready to make that full-time commitment to teaching. I still feel like there is a lot for me to learn and I want to enjoy being a student for a while longer. I’m sure I will teach sometime in the future but I’m just not in a rush. I’ve seen too many of my pole sisters jump into teaching too soon and it negatively impact their pole career and enthusiasm.

19. Heels or No Heels? Also any good recommendations for heels?
Depends on what I’m doing. It I’m learning new tricks or throwing power tricks then NO heels. But when I’m at Pole After Dark class or if I’m doing a freestyle dance then I love to wear my heels, it makes me feel super sexy!

20. What are your favorite pole clothes?
Mika Yoga Wear Tula top and my Nike Bump shorts!

21. What’s your favorite pole? Size? Material? Height? Static? Spin?
X-Pert 45mm Titanium Gold by X-Pole. This was my second pole purchase and my favorite!

22. If you have ever performed, how do you usually prepare your performance?
I think my preparation routine changes each time as I gain more insight, and experience in performing/competing, however generally I start by writing out the tricks and combos that I want to include in my performance. Then I get to work by putting on my wireless headphones and listen to my song over and over and over and over again while I dance around the pole. I can get a feel for the music, transitions and the smaller details that are often forgotten. Then I can work in my combos and power tricks. I also like to pull up the lyrics to the song and study/memorize them. After that it’s just repetition and fine tuning.

23. What’s something you love to do or experience aside from pole dancing?
Photography. I love taking pictures – of others and of myself (lol). I do pole photography and I also have a non-pole related photography company.

24. How has pole dancing affected your life?
Pole has completely changed my life. I discovered pole at a really low point in my life. It helped me recover from a really bad relationship/breakup, make new friends and get me back into the social arena. It’s also lead my to my trainer, a healthier lifestyle, the body of a lifetime and the man of my dreams. Physically, I’ve been able to do so much more than I ever thought or could have imagined. I’m looking forward to continuing my growth and development.

25. Looking back at your life, are you surprised that you’re a pole dancer? Like were you a nun five years ago and now you’re a pole teacher? Or does pole dancing seem like a natural fit into the progression of your life?
No, I am not surprised that I’m a pole dancer. I actually think its wonderful that I’ve been able to find a way to utilize my gymnastics and cheerleading training. I might not have predicted that I’d be where I’m at today, but I’m not surprised that I was drawn to an alternative and super sexy form of fitness. I’ve always been open minded and a little risqué. I love it and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

26. What’s one pole stereotype that you wish would go away?
That pole dancers are strippers or girls that can’t make it as strippers. I’m not knocking strippers but we are SO MUCH MORE than that. We could do what they do, but they can’t all do what we do. Regardless of what people say and think and what we are often associated with, this is a sport and we ARE athletes 😉

27. Best reaction when you told someone that you are a pole dancer?
“I want to do that!”

28. Also, since its May… does your Mother [or any maternal person in your life] know that you pole dance and what does she think?
Yes, my mother knows that I pole dance but I’m not really sure nor do I care what she thinks lol.

29. What’s your pole fantasy or dream?
Hmm…my dream is still in the works. I’ll let you know once it comes true! 🙂

30. Finish this sentence. Pole dancing is….
Pole dancing is what I do!

Thanks to Sheena LaShay for creating this May Blog Hop!

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Spring 2013 Zensual Graduation and Open House



Zensual Dance in Dallas held their spring graduation / open house a few weeks ago allowing their students and instructors to showcase their pole and dance skills. In addition to being the guest performer, I was also the official photographer for the event and spent the night capturing photos of each of the stunning routines. It is such a great feeling to be able to combine two things that I love – photography and pole fitness. I am super excited to share the event album and give you a peek at just some of the fun we had! Check out the event album here.

Guest Performance at Zensual

Guest Performance at Zensual

Last week I attended the Spring 2013 Graduation / Open House event at Zensual Dance in Dallas. I was there as both a guest performer and the event photographer and had a blast. This event was so much fun to watch and capture on camera. I had spent the last few months attending Pole After Dark at Zensual and really getting to know their students and instructors better and watching everyone grow. This made the event that much better because I really felt connected to them. I am super proud of every single lady that got up there and danced their hearts out. I was also able to capture some amazing shots of the ladies in action. Check out the event album here.

One of the other things that make this event so awesome for me was the growth that I had in my own dance journey. After much time spent thinking, over thinking and then re-thinking about what song to dance to, I finally decided (or rather my trainer extraordinaire suggested) to redo my routine from Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma – but with some tweaks to show off my progress made since the competition. We stripped down my Oklahoma routine, going through the video to see what worked and didn’t work. From there we were able to refresh the routine with new exciting tricks, strength moves, better combos with improved control and fluidity… making it even better than it was. Below is video showing both the old routine and the new one, and a few of my favorite shots (captured by my stand in photographer) from my routine.

My Improved Radioactive Routine (May 10, 2013)

My Original Radioactive Routine (March 22, 2013)


Cirque It Out

Cirque It Out

I’m excited to share my successes from another great night of pole during Cirque De Pole class. Over the last few week’s I’ve been focused on really stepping my game up on the pole and it’s really starting to show. I was able to hold my Iron X just a little bit longer and I finally got the “assisted” Phoenix. These are two tricks that I just couldn’t wrap my head around and never thought I’d get. For me these are two tricks are a significant milestone. I feel like all of the blood, sweat and tears and time spent in the gym working with my trainer over the last 18 months has brought me into this beautiful new phase in my pole career and with my health and fitness. What I am able to do now simply would not be possible had I not made this change in my life and decided to get my body right.

bridgedhandstand1 bridgedhandstand2 may_jade1

Check out this short video montage of my pole milestones!

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