Cirque It Out

I’m excited to share my successes from another great night of pole during Cirque De Pole class. Over the last few week’s I’ve been focused on really stepping my game up on the pole and it’s really starting to show. I was able to hold my Iron X just a little bit longer and I finally got the “assisted” Phoenix. These are two tricks that I just couldn’t wrap my head around and never thought I’d get. For me these are two tricks are a significant milestone. I feel like all of the blood, sweat and tears and time spent in the gym working with my trainer over the last 18 months has brought me into this beautiful new phase in my pole career and with my health and fitness. What I am able to do now simply would not be possible had I not made this change in my life and decided to get my body right.

bridgedhandstand1 bridgedhandstand2 may_jade1

Check out this short video montage of my pole milestones!