FiT or FaT?


I want to share a little excerpt from a book I’m reading Leadership that Matters. The authors point out that “…[in regard to inaction] Actions could have had results. It is generally better to do something rather than nothing, because action just might have a positive effect. There’s even more to the advantage of action over inaction…it’s certain that inaction will have NO benefit.”

Originally I shared the above excerpt with my FreeStyle Friday group in my Wednesday Words of Wisdom post, but as I came back to write on this piece I realized how it also fits well into one’s desire to be fit and fab as well. I run into so many people that talk about wanting to lose weight, tone up, improve their diets, etc…but there’s an almost omnipresent pattern that I’m noticing: It’s mostly TALK. There is seldom any action to back that talk, and therefore there are no results.

When it comes to my personal fitness transformation, people always ask me how I did it and what I ate – assuming that this information will work for them too. The truth is it wasn’t as much about the diet or the exercise as it was about having desire and developing consistency and discipline. I knew that I wanted to be fit and not fat, and I used that desire to motivate self to achieve my fitness goals.

So where does this desire come from? It comes from within. What is it that motivates us to do anything? Success, contentment, recognition, popularity, wealth…? Think about it, when you want something you’ll pretty much do whatever it takes to get it. If you want something new that’s not currently in your budget, you save money until you can afford it. If you see a hot guy/girl that you’re interested in you approach them or do something to get their attention in hopes that they will approach you. If you’re hungry but there’s nothing in your house to eat (or that you want to eat) you hop in your car and go pick something up…I think you get the point. Once you desire something and you start working towards it on a continuous basis you are able to develop consistency and discipline. We all already encompass the ability to be consistent and disciplined, just think about your daily routine and what all it entails – brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, going to work, checking your email, cooking dinner, etc.


underconstructionDo you recognize any of these habits? (Don’t be ashamed…I’ve done them all)

  • You see the scale numbers slowly inching up. It might only be a pound here or there but remember those pounds ADD UP.
  • You’re persistently tugging at the back of your pants to keep them up.
  • You’re repeatedly pulling your shirt back down after its crept up over your lower belly chub.
  • You have conscious and unconscious habit of covering your belly with your hands, your purse or something else you’re carrying to hide the bulge.
  • You get out of breath walking up the stairs.
  • You always wear a jacket to “hide” your body.
  • You go to the edge of the pool covered by your towel and quickly hop in before anyone can see you.


This list could go on and on, but these things don’t matter. What matters is each of us stepping up and making the decision to TAKE ACTION and make changes in our lives so that we can kick these body-hiding habits to the curb. And knowing that you already have the ability to achieve/obtain the things you desire and the ability to be consistent and disciplined, then why are you still allowing yourself to slack off and be inactive in the area of your health and fitness?


10 reasons why it pays to get fit and why you should do it sooner rather than later…

1. Your body is the ONE thing that stays with you throughout life. People, cars, clothes and other things come and go, but your body is the one thing that will always be here with you. The better you are to it the better it will be to you and the longer it will last.

2. Being healthy saves money. For the same price as a fast-food or restaurant meal (that many of us indulge in daily…sometimes even multiple times a day) you can buy a bag of chicken, fish, frozen veggies and fresh fruit that can last you a week.

3. It gets harder the longer you wait. As we get deeper into our unhealthy habits they become harder (mentally and physically) to change. And face it, we aren’t getting any younger, our bodies, energy levels and metabolism are changing as each day goes by.

4. Consider everything else we spend money on (especially us ladies). We drive fancy cars, live in big houses, wear expensive jewelry…and we want our hair, nails and clothes to look their very best, but not your body?

5. Consider everything you do faithfully on a daily basis. Facebook, email, texting, that nightly glass of wine…why not add a workout into the mix?

6. Being healthy and fit can help eliminate some health issues.

7. Being fit and fab improves confidence and can boost personality.

8. The way people perceive you can have serious effects on your life. Make it a point to be attractive all around (behavior, looks and attitude). It opens up a range of new options and opportunities in life.


Take the First Step
Have many times have you thought about getting back in the gym, changing up your diet and improving your health? And how many times have you started the process but fell off? No matter where you are in life its never too late to make healthy changes for yourself. Once you’ve made up your mind to make a change to get your health and fitness back on track, don’t think that you have to do it all at once or alone. First, have a goal in mind that you want to achieve. Maybe there’s a pair of jeans you want to fit back into, a bikini you want to wear, a contest or event you want to do, pictures you want to take, health issues you want to improve, etc. Then start by making small changes:

  • Clean out your refrigerator and pantry and get rid of those “feel good” foods
  • Drive PAST the drive-through and eat at home
  • Skip that second helping
  • Cut down on the sugar and sweets
  • Skip the soda and juices and drink more water
  • Starting working out or doing some type of physical activity once a week (and then slowly increase to 2x, then 3x a week)
  • Find a fitness buddy, mentor or trainer that can help push and encourage you on our fitness journey


So I’ll end this the same way I ended my Wednesday Words of Wisdom post by saying: Stop putting off what you can do today and TAKE ACTION to be FIT.