So about 6 months ago I set out on a mission to improve my freestyling skills and become a more well-rounded dancer. Now, I’m pretty good when it comes to executing tricks, but I my transitions, floorwork and overall fluidity isn’t what I want it to be. I gave myself the weekly challenge, which I dubbed: FreeStyle Friday. Each week I am going to do a freestyle and document my progress by video. This is a way for me to challenge and push myself to dance each week, explore movement and appreciate more music styles. I also shared this challenge with my fellow pole sisters in my new FreeStyle Friday Group in hopes that it will encourage others to work on their freestyle ability as well. In such a short time our membership and support has grown immensely. We have over 400 members, there are FreeStyle Friday classes popping up in studios and so many of us are already seeing amazing growth in our dance. I invite you to join in on this amazing journey by liking our FreeStyle Friday FB Page and also follow my Freestyle journey below! Keep up with our dance jams via our FreeStyle Friday playlist.


Week 47: What You Need – The Weeknd


Week 46: Ain’t Nobody – Clare Maguire


Week 45: Skin – Rihanna


Week 44: Afterglow – Phaeleh

Week 43: Paradise Circus – Massive Attack

Week 42: Ritual Union – Little Dragon

Week 41: Body Party – Ciara


Week 40: Afraid – Sarah Fimm

Week 39: Wildfire – SBTRKT


Week 38: My Love is Like Whoa – Mya

Week 37: No Ordinary Love – The Deftones

Week 36: She’s Country – Jason Aldean

Week 35: Down With The Sickness – Disturbed

Week 34: Radioactive – Imagine Dragons


Week 33: Irresistible Force – Jane’s Addiction


Week 32: Jesus for the Jugular – The Veils


Week 31: Lotus FlowerBomb – Wale Feat. Miguel


Week 30: Wicked Games – The Weeknd

Week 29: Lollipop – Lil Wayne / Framing Hanley

Week 28: Play – Goapele

Week 27: Pornstar Dancer – My Darkest Days (Group)

Week 26: Bad Habits – Maxwell


Week 25: Arch & Point – Miguel

Week 24: Representin’ – Ludacris Feat. Kelly Rowland

Week 23: AWOLNATION – Sail

Week 22: Lana Del Rey – This Is What Makes Us Girls

Week 21: Lady Gaga – Christmas Tree

– Happy Holidays!

Week 20: Rihanna – Diamonds

Week 19: Muse – Madness

Week 18: Lacuna Coil – Heavens A Lie

Week 17: Yeah Yeah Yeas – Heads Will Roll

Still sick. Only made it through part of the song. Really looks like I was about to do something too!

Week 16: Alicia Keys – Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)


Recorded sick. Didn’t do as much as I would have liked, but I made it through most of the song!

Week 15: Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire

– Sick but I want to make it up!

Week 14: Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana

– Sick but I want to make it up!

Week 13: Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams

– Competing at SPC in Houston

Week 12: Kings of Leon – Closer

Week 11: Flight Facilities – Crave You

Week 10: Savage Island – Swing

(available only on Facebook)

Week 9: Jill Scott – He Loves Me

Week 8: Lenny Kravitz – American Woman

Week 8: Lenny Kravitz – American Woman (Group)

Week 7: District 78 – Toxic

Week 6: Kelly Rowland – Motivation

Week 5: Nine Inch Nails – Closer

Week 4: Beyonce – Best Thing I Never Had

Week 3: Evanesence – Bring Me to Life

Take 1 (My camera ran out of memory half way through. Yikes!)

Week 3: Evanesence – Bring Me to Life

Take 2 (Actually made it through this time!)

Week 2: Alex Clare – Too Close

Week 1: Katy Perry – E.T.


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