Guest Performance at Zensual

Last week I attended the Spring 2013 Graduation / Open House event at Zensual Dance in Dallas. I was there as both a guest performer and the event photographer and had a blast. This event was so much fun to watch and capture on camera. I had spent the last few months attending Pole After Dark at Zensual and really getting to know their students and instructors better and watching everyone grow. This made the event that much better because I really felt connected to them. I am super proud of every single lady that got up there and danced their hearts out. I was also able to capture some amazing shots of the ladies in action. Check out the event album here.

One of the other things that make this event so awesome for me was the growth that I had in my own dance journey. After much time spent thinking, over thinking and then re-thinking about what song to dance to, I finally decided (or rather my trainer extraordinaire suggested) to redo my routine from Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma – but with some tweaks to show off my progress made since the competition. We stripped down my Oklahoma routine, going through the video to see what worked and didn’t work. From there we were able to refresh the routine with new exciting tricks, strength moves, better combos with improved control and fluidity… making it even better than it was. Below is video showing both the old routine and the new one, and a few of my favorite shots (captured by my stand in photographer) from my routine.

My Improved Radioactive Routine (May 10, 2013)

My Original Radioactive Routine (March 22, 2013)