Jade Split Handstand



The Jade Split Handstand is a beautiful blend of balance and flexibility. There are two ways that (I know of) that you can get into it. Give them both a try and if you come up with another way, let us know!

ONE: You want to decide which side (hand, wrist, arm, shoulder) is your strong side. That’s the hand you’ll want to have down on the ground. This also means that your opposite leg will be the “jade” leg that comes to your face.

TWO: I suggest you do a couple of one-handed handstands on the wall or pole to test your balance and strength.

THREE: You can get into the handstand position in one of two ways. …
(a) Invert -> Crucifix -> lower down to handstand -> wrap your torso around the front of the pole so that you make a pocket in your side (the same side of the leg that’s coming to your face and the hand that’s on the ground – HINT they should be the SAME side)

(b) Go into a two-point handstand (make sure the back of your inside shoulder is against the pole) then allow the inside leg to sneak behind the pole and wrap around the the other side.

FOUR: shift your weigh to the hand to the inside hand and then use your outside hand to draw your ankle in towards your face for the jade position.

FIVE: Snap a photo or video!!

Prerequisites: I definitely recommend starting with the two-point handstand to chopper first then one-handed handstand balance against a wall and also master the no-handed Jade. Mastering these three skills will be the best way to work on the “foundation” of this trick before you go for the gold!