Miss Texas Pole Star – The Lost Photos


Pictured above: Jennifer Huff and Lindsey Dement


One of my goals for 2013 was to De-Clutter all aspects of my life – which largely includes reorganizing all of the files on my computers and dozens of flash drives. I’ve slowly been making progress and along the way have come across a few items that had slipped my mind. The other day I actually came across a memory card with pics from Miss Texas Pole Star’s Saturday night competition.


I remember being back stage with the contestants and the pros as they were getting ready but I totally forgot I had shot these. What I like most about these shots is that they were taken in the dressing room before the competition started. Since this isn’t an angle that most get to see I thought it would be fun to share these behind-the-scenes images from the competition. Better late than never! The images really show how fun and sassy all of these wonderful ladies are – despite any nervousness they may have had. I love the camaraderie among our Pole Community. Check out the “Lost” MTPS Album here!