VFD’s 3rd Annual Fit Body Challenge


Vertical Fitness Dallas Owner Karen Palmer

Vertical Fitness Dallas started their Fit Body Challenge this past Sunday. This is their third year hosting this challenge to help ladies start working towards achieving fit bodies. I was in attendance to meet the great group of ladies that will be doing the challenge and to take their before shots. They have an challenging but rewarding journey ahead and I wish them all the best of luck!

The Grand Prize for the VFD Fit Body Challenge that begins today at 2:30pm is fabulous! A “complete make over” with a photo shoot of your new rockin’ body! Hair cut and color, professional make up session, products from Origins, VFD Membership, Power Play Membership, 90 min. massage and then a professional photo shoot (BY ME!) to showcase the “new you”! Now, you have no excuses, just show up at our meeting today to get started. What’s to loose except a few jeans sizes?!

For more information visit: www.verticalfitnessdallas.com