Xtreme Flex

We’ll be getting eXtremely Flexy in this NEW all-levels flexibility class! Xtreme Flex is your go-to class for all-things stretchy, flexy and contortiony! Whether you are already super flexible or just getting started on your flexibility journey, we’ll take your flexibility to the next level and help you become stronger and more balanced along the way. Bring a buddy or make a friend in class because we’ll be using a combination of individual and partnered stretching, paired with various apparatuses, to push our bodies to the limit. We’ll be hitting all of your favorite spots: splits, hips, back, shoulders, chest, hand/arm balances and much more!

Proper Attire: Form-fitted leggings or tights, leg warmers and layers on top.

All Levels

1 hr Weekly Class
$25, advanced Registration required
Register for class at ZensualDance.com